How to make bets with crypto currencies in 2020?

At this point, it is impossible to deny the great influence that crypto currencies and Blockchain technology have on our society. Serving as a vehicle for several of the most important technological advances of our era. But also as a means of generating incredible profits in a short time. Therefore, today we tell you how to make bets with crypto currencies in 2020 using Contracts for Difference (CFD).

How to take advantage of Halving Bitcoin to invest in CFDs

Let’s talk about CFDs
Although most new users of crypto world, are aware that one of the best ways to make money with cforex The News Spy tutorial / withdrawal time Bitcoin Revolution / Bitcoin Trader forex trading hours / how to buy bitcoin other than Immediate Edge / id quiz Bitcoin Code / how to get a Bitcoin Circuit usd wallet / Bitcoin Era h&r block / revolut to Bitcoin Profit uk / Bitcoin Billionaire fees vs Bitcoin Billionaire / gatecoin vs Bitcoin Evolution is trading. Most think that the only way to do this is to buy cryptoactives when their price is low, and sell them when it increases.

And indeed, that is one of the most common ways to make money with cryptomoney. However, it is by no means the only one, nor the most efficient. There are multiple financial products with which you can diversify your investment portfolio in crypto assets. Among them, Contracts for Difference (CFD), stand out from the rest to make bets with crypto currencies.

They are a financial instrument that allows the investor to predict the direction that the price of an asset will take, that is, if it will increase or decrease.

In case of being right, the trader will receive as a reward the difference between the initial price and the final price of the asset. But if he is wrong and the asset goes in the opposite direction, he will suffer a loss equal to this same difference.

This makes CFDs perfect financial products for generating large profits in a short time, especially if you use the leverage options offered by various brokers.

However, this same leverage makes CFDs quite risky products, if you are not familiar with the crypto market. Therefore, before placing bets with crypto currencies with this product, you should seriously consider it.

ABC Crypto, Lesson 21: Investing in cryptomonies with CFDs

Where can I place bets with cryptosystems this 2020?
Among the main things to consider before starting to trade CFDs, is the platform we will choose to carry out our trading. There are two that stand out from the rest, thanks to the possibilities they offer for trading in cryptomon currencies.

The first of these is the Plus500 platform. A broker that we have talked about several times here in CryptTrend, due to the great amount of options it offers. With an interesting leverage over your initial capital, and more than 2.000 financial instruments to invest in within the platform.

Another broker who is also in the race to win the crypto market is XTB. This is because the veteran platform has brought the list of cryptosystems that can be bet on within its service to 25.

This, together with its leverage of up to 30x, and its 15-year track record in the international financial market, makes it a very strong competitor to Plus500.

Finally, and although it is not specifically dedicated to the sale of CFDs such as XTB and Plus500. Binance, the main exchange in the crypto market, is also a great option for betting with crypto currencies in 2020. With leverages ranging from 25x to 125x, which guarantees that, if you make the right investments, you will multiply your capital in a very short time.

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