Central Bank of Argentina officially launches the Transfer 3.0 project

In Argentina, one of the key points of the Transfer 3.0 project is the use of interoperable QR code

The Central Bank of Argentina launched a project called „Transfers 3.0“, which seeks to boost digital payments. The Argentine Chamber of Fintech was satisfied with this regulation.

One of the key points to take into account is the use of an interoperable QR code. In addition, there are other important issues. As reported by iProUp, „debit card payments will be made directly by bank transfer, which will lower costs and allow businesses to receive the money immediately“.

„Another important point will be the interconnection of all players in the payment industry. Banks, digital wallets and acquirers will have to communicate with each other and with the companies that provide the infrastructure and facilitate the clearing of balances resulting from transactions“, they detailed in that media.

The iProUp article also quoted Carlos Hourbeigt, director of the BCRA and chairman of the bank’s Operations and Payments Committee, as saying: „We have done nothing without identifying that the private sector has been the driving force behind this. We understand that when there is an interconnected network that everyone joins, everyone wins and costs are lower,“ he said.

From the Argentine Chamber of Fintech, they shared a statement with Bitcoin Method en Español where they indicated: „We are very satisfied with this regulation led by the BCRA and grateful to the institution for having called us to actively collaborate as a chamber by adding our perspective and our recommendations. The Transfer 3.0 programme will surely be a milestone in the evolution of our country towards a more inclusive, more accessible and more transparent digital economy“.

„As we have always maintained, we believe that the best solutions arise when all the sectors involved can contribute their knowledge and experience, building tools that impact positively on people’s lives,“ they later added.

„With this joint initiative, Argentina is one of the pioneers of interoperable digital payments. It is certainly a perfectible system, but we are committed to continuing to evolve with the collaboration of our entire ecosystem,“ they concluded.